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Shoe care questions?

I have had a pair of shoes for four years. They are black leather slip on shoes that vaguely resemble "boots". They are nice enough to wear to the office and rugged enough to wear for long periods of time. However, after four years of wearing them for 8-16 hours a day, 5-7 days a week (and at one job for almost 3 years I was always standing in them), they are not doing so well. They are wrinkled and stretched out, the cloth and foam supporting the heel has worn away, and I have to replace the insoles every 3-4 months.

So here are my questions:

How long is too long to keep a pair of shoes? I am starting to wonder, if insoles cost about $10, so $30-40 a year and the shoes cost $80, I am starting to waste my money.

Next: What are some tips on taking care of leather shoes, and shoes in general, to make them last longer?

Last: What is a good brand of leather shoe? They have to be available in wide width, be comfortable, and have good ankle and arch support!


Shoe care questions?


Springbak springsoles question...?

i want to buy some Springbaks. If I were to buy 2 pair of them, 2 insoles in each shoe, would i be able to jump twice as far, high, etc as just 1 pair of insoles?

Springbak springsoles question...?
Nope. -.-
Reply:Does drinking double the amount of Slimfast make you lose weight twice as fast?


Best product to increase vertical jump?

"explosive calves"

"ankle weights"

"weighted insoles"

or what? any other recommendations?

Best product to increase vertical jump?
Your best bet would be like lowry's double your vertical jump...

it's linked to on this page

Very very effective for improving jump.
Reply:Well, I heard one way is to stand on a chair, and then with one leg and you bend it and with the other (plus your arms) try to balance yourself and you switch legs, you do it for like for 5-10 minutes a day . . . or something very similar to that!! I over heard a teacher (maybe he was coach too) tell, and demonstrate this to one of the basketball players, to in prove his vertical jump!! Hope you find something good to help you!!! :)

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How can I keep my heel from coming out of my shoes?

I bought a really comfortable pair of shoes--they fit great but my heel keeps coming out of them when I walk. How can I fix this WITHOUT buying a full insole? Do they sell something just for the heel area? (The insoles in the shoes themselves are fuzzy and quite comfortable, so I don't want to have to cover them up.) Suggestions?

How can I keep my heel from coming out of my shoes?
THE SHOE ISNT TOO SMALL- if it slips its TOO BIG! "morons"

a heel grip will work but they are useless and you will have them stuck to your socks, tights trousers and your cat lol, you can get suede and gel varieties, that will just stop your heel from slipping out at the back.

or you can get a half insole (leather ons are best as a latex one will disintergrate) which works the same as a heel grip (we tend to recomend these more in shoe shops as they are better for your feet) they just sit at the front and you can barely see them so you still have the 'fuzzy'ness of the original insole

check out these

as they cushion your feet more if you are standing up a lot or if they are high heels. buy a decent pair, bot too cheap as they dont work as well
Reply:hmmmmmmmmmmmm....TRY A BIGGER SHOE!!!!!
Reply:yes, they do...try jcpenneys (or a similar store) either in the shoe dept or the panty hose dept...
Reply:You can buy heel grips at most any store like Walmart or Target. They're these little cushions that stick to the back of the shoe so your foot doesn't slip out.
Reply:If your heel is coming out of your shoe... then it doesnt fit you. The only real way to fix that is to.. um... get shoes that fit you.
Reply:Walmart sells "heel grips" in the shoe dept. that sticks to the inside of the heel and hugs your heel.


PLEASE HELP??? I need some Extremely comfortable slip-resistant restaurant shoes.?

My work shoes are KILLING my feet and I work about 7-10 hour shifts at work, so I'm pretty much standing all day!!!! I really need you guys to help me. People at work tell me to Dr. Scholl's insoles for my shoes and I think it's a good idea because I already got work shoes that are slip-resistant, I just DESPERATLY need COMFORT in my shoes but some say insoles aren't that great and they think I should get a new pair of Reebok from Academy.

** What is your opinion on which I should chose or even a suggestion of a different brand maybe????

** Speak you mind please I'm all ears!!!

PLEASE HELP??? I need some Extremely comfortable slip-resistant restaurant shoes.?
Crocs might be a good choice if your employer will let you.
Reply:I have tried a lot of types over the years and my favorites are the selection available at They are way better than shoes for crews or the ones you get at payless shoe stores. They also have a satisfaction guarantee. From the website: As a Keuka Footwear customer, you are assured of our Keuka Guarantee of Satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the style, size, comfort, or fit of your purchase, return the NEW UNWORN shoes, for a prompt refund or exchange within 30 days of receipt of purchase.

60 Day Shoe Replacement

If a manufacturer's defect or material failure occurs WITHIN 60 DAYS OF PURCHASE, Keuka Footwear will replace your shoes absolutely free of charge.
Reply:Here are some links to websites that have slip-resistant shoes (some even meant for kitchen/restaurant working specifically):

Also, as some have suggested in previous posts, if none of these suit your needs (which they should) I would check into purchasing shoes for nursing. If the correct ones are purchased they are both slip resistant %26amp; comfortable to support long working hours.

Good luck, Get Safe %26amp; Comfy!!
Reply:Look at Nurses Shoes, think about it, they are on there feet all day, long shifts, and orthopedics are almost custom made to fit medical professionals.

They normally come in white but can be dyed black easy.

They are comfy, non skid, built to walk and stand in.

Reply:I was once a nurse and had the same problem long shifts and needed non slip shoes, Hush puppies shoes are brilliant not that great to look at but flat, non slip and are the most comfortable shoes ever even after a long day at work!!!!
Reply:Crocs are comfortable and slip resistant. Even a lot of surgeons are wearing them.
Reply:waitress for 20 years. Payless (yes Payless) has a pair of black laces, no velcro, its just a loafer. I've been wearing them for about 7 years now and a LOT of pp I work are wearing them as well.

Sketchers Ballyhoo- (white) it's a bike shoe. SUPER COMFY super cute- however I did notice they were a little slippery when I went in the coolers. (?)

I had no problem spending $60 for black rebok hightops for years until I discovered the Payless shoe.

***note- a customer complimented my Ballyhoo %26amp; about 5 other EMPLOYEES chimed in--"I'm wearing sketchers, too"
Reply:try first of all purchasing a good pair of shoes like dr martins or dansko clogs, then purchase some of the insoles for added padding. working long shifts on cement are killers on your feet, legs and back . they wont prevent problems but can help.
Reply:I used to wait tables and my feet would ache and hurt at the end of my shifts.

Try Dankso clogs. They're the best! Doctors and nurses wear them all the time. I do believe they have a line for "professionals" such as yourself who need anit-slip, anti- static, white or other specific features.

You also might want to check out Birkenstock. They have a line of professional shoes too.

Both options are a bit pricey, but as I always say, you get what you pay for. I have worn both brands and I have no complaints. It will literally take you forever to wear these shoes out!
Reply:not sure where you live,but if it is in the UK then Clarks have the most comfy shoes. they are not cheap,but they are extremely comfortable and last well.


Best shoes for retail work?

I worked retail all through high school and college, then I left it for years to find something better. Well, turns out retail was better after all becuase I got head hunted by a chain pharmacy as a manager! I want to do a good job and have been pushing myself really hard, but after two days my feet are really really sore. I can barely walk. I have a bad back and knees, I have insoles to correct my posture and keep my back from hurting and they work amazingly well. Unfortunately they are made of hard plastic and are hurting my feet even more. Any advice to help my feet? Good shoe brands? Posture correcting insoles that would be better on my feet? The decent pay as a manager has not started coming in yet, so for now im pretty broke. My feet are throbbing right now (my day off) so any tips on that would help to!

Best shoes for retail work?
Naturalizer, Easy Spirit, Crocs, or check out Nordstroms or shoe pavillion for these brands. They have some good deals sometimes. Casual shoes that feels like athletics are great. Something like Keds, they have some cute styles. is also good. They offer free shipping to and fro so you don't lose anything. Plus there's reviews. Support socks helped me for a while. It's tighter along the arch and at the top of the sock. Good luck!


Have a leg discrepancy due to surgery need 1" adjustable insole or leg lift?

are thre any exercise for leg discrepancy due to hip replacement

Have a leg discrepancy due to surgery need 1" adjustable insole or leg lift?
Leg length discrepancy if it is less than 1 inch can be resolved by raising the sole of the footware. If it is more than 1 inch surgical options such as Ilizarow techniques(bone distraction technique to lengthen leg) can be done under supervision of orthopaedic surgeon. Later rehabilitation done by Physiotherapist.